Rose Dry Cleaners – Dry Cleaning and Alterations in North Park near University Heights – San Diego

We are committed to quality service, and offer everything from dry cleaning & laundry services to cleaning your household items. Need alterations? We offer expert alteration specials to our customers every Friday!

Work Hours

Mon-Fri         1PM – 7PM

Saturday         10AM – 4PM

Sunday           Closed

Alterations and Tailoring

Complete tailoring services are provided here at Rose Dry Cleaners. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.

Wedding Gowns

Wedding gowns are special and deserve to be handled by an expert. Rose Dry Cleaners has many years’ experience with cleaning and preserving wedding gowns. Each dress is examined and given a customized cleaning based on the material and stains, and is then hand finished. Wedding gowns can be hung and packaged ready to wear …

Drapery Cleaning

Drapery cleaning and blind cleaning are our long-time specialties. At Rose Dry Cleaners we understand how much time and money you’ve invested in choosing the best look and feel for your windows. You can trust us to keep them looking their best. Drapery cleaning is our signature service – we literally invented the process!

Tips and Tricks

Clean all your comforters and blankets before storing for the summer to prevent stains becoming permanent.

Valentine’s day

We love loving our customers happy Valentine's day .

The best remedy for a surprise stain?

The best remedy for a surprise stain? Do nothing! Self help  remedies can create additional staining! And never rub! It damages the fabric surface and can't be undone! Get to 5th Avenue Cleaners fast and let us take care of it!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Before you put away your Holiday duds be sure they get a good scrub! Otherwise your favorite things may fall victim to the dreaded "closet stain"! Practically impossible to remove once set!

Happy New Year

May true happiness, longevity, and good fortune be with you this New Year and always. Happy New Year! From all of us at Rose Cleaners.